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CITY TAXI Liberec s.r.o.

1. máje 363/37
460 01 Liberec 3

Sídlo společnosti:
U Dráhy 213
463 12 Liberec 23

IČ: 28703227
DIČ: CZ28703227

C 27559, rejstř. soud
Ústí nad Labem, ČR

800 501 501
485 104 112
724 281 722

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Evening sitting in front of the restaurant Plzeňka in Liberec

SOS drink (drink taxi)

This service (called by other companies as e.g. drink taxi or speedy turtle) provides to our customers a quiet evening with their friends and they need not restrict themselves as to consumption of drinks, even if they have not originally intended this and they have arrived with their own car. No complicated planning, how to get home, no sleepless nights with a fear for own expensive car left in front of the restaurant or even a fear of suspension of own driving licence for drinking and driving.

Now you can drive to the restaurant with your own car, and quietly drink, eat and enjoy yourself. And when you decide that it is time to go home, you can only call our control centre, order service SOS-drink and our taxi-cab with the second driver comes soon for you. You can quietly entrust driving of your car to our fresh professional and both you and your car get home. No risk of suspension of driving licence for drinking and driving, no risk of serious traffic accident after which, in case of your positive breath-test, insurance company would most probably turn its back on you.

Laying-on of a taxi-cab and arrival of the second driver is not naturally charged; the customer only pays for the way home in his car accompanied by the taxi-cab. Total price is charged as the double of the sum indicated on the taximeter of accompanying taxi-cab in the destination of the drive with your car (in front of your home). You do not pay anything more!

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