City taxi Liberec (taxislužba, sos-drink, profesionální služby)
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CITY TAXI Liberec s.r.o.

1. máje 363/37
460 01 Liberec 3

Sídlo společnosti:
U Dráhy 213
463 12 Liberec 23

IČ: 28703227
DIČ: CZ28703227

C 27559, rejstř. soud
Ústí nad Labem, ČR

800 501 501
485 104 112
724 281 722

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The seat of the Liberec Region (illustration)

Company clients

We offer to our customers - the companies interested in our services or a closer co-operation - an individual approach in a solution to fulfilment of orders. Based on such contractual relation it is possible e.g. to charge a preferential fare, to accept non-cash payments for driving (invoicing) or to provide transport not only of persons but also of shipments or documents. In addition, for special occasions we offer the possibility of laying-on of the cars not designated as taxi-cabs.

For the entities operating the restaurants, hotels, boarding houses or other similar food and accommodation facilities we offer the possibility of a mutually fruitful co-operation - assurance of professional transport of the customers of these entities and transport of their staff under considerably more advantageous conditions (special personnel rate CZK 12.00/km). The utilisation of our high-quality services for transport of your customers will substantially increase the reputation of your entity as we can provide comfort unrivalled in the region. A part of the offer is promotion of contractual entity in a special section of web pages called partners (only in Czech language) or other effective promotion executed by our company.

All matters concerning business co-operation are always settled by company management, our future partners can utilise for establishment of the first communication with us the contact form to be found in the section called Contacts.

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