City taxi Liberec (taxislužba, sos-drink, profesionální služby)
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CITY TAXI Liberec s.r.o.

1. máje 363/37
460 01 Liberec 3

Sídlo společnosti:
U Dráhy 213
463 12 Liberec 23

IČ: 28703227
DIČ: CZ28703227

C 27559, rejstř. soud
Ústí nad Labem, ČR

800 501 501
485 104 112
724 281 722

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The building with Control centre of City taxi Liberec

Company profile

City taxi Liberec as the association of entrepreneurs operating taxi service was established in autumn 2006. As in that time the market was absolutely oversaturated with taxi services, the association did not have a too advantageous starting position. Therefore, from the very beginning it was necessary to determine strategy by means of which this new company would manage to rank among the existing companies as their full-fledged competitor. The basic target was set - to provide, for normal prices, comfortable services by means of taxi-cabs of the best possible parameters so that each customer will feel well all the time and will be ready to utilise services of City taxi Liberec also in the future. This strategy also corresponds with company slogan "The first class for normal price". Due to consistent observance of specified rules, random checks of all drivers and the utilisation of feedback from the customers (ideas, complaints), this intention has fully been implemented and presently the association attempts to keep the set standards and to improve continuously quality of its services, e.g. by rendering of new supplementary services for its customers.

Control centre of our taxi service is presently located in the building of the former hotel Terminus in Třída 1. máje (1st May Avenue) in the city of Liberec not far from bus station and railway station. Our operators are there ready, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assure fulfilment of your order by means of up-to-date technical facilities - the workplace is equipped with several independent digital telephone lines, computer system and the base of own radio network used for operative communication with particular taxi-cabs.

City taxi Liberec has recently initiated co-operation with Krajská nemocnice Liberec, a. s. (Regional Hospital) in the project of voluntary (free of charge) donation of blood support. Within this project, our company offers to blood donors considerable fare discounts. In addition to this project, our company also supports sports and leisure youth activities and in the future it intends to extend special services for the handicapped.

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